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The following is a list of frequently asked questions from the chat area

Does anyone give a discount to club members?

Yes. The following give discounts - Sureterm Direct - Motorhome Specialist insurers (15%) - Adrian Flux Insurance - Motorhome specialists (15%) - Peter Best Insurance Services Ltd - Motorhome insurers (15%) - Tinley Tech for LPG kits & Equipment (5%) - Seals+ Direct Ltd (5%)

Is there a workshop manual available for the CF?

Haynes do a manual for the PETROL engined CF but NOT for the DIESEL engined van. For info on Haynes manuals go to Haynes Web Site

A Bedford CF workshop manual is available on CD from Jeffery Smith

But I have a diesel. What do I do?
I've been told that the turbo version of the 2.3 diesel engine was put in the Vauxhall Frontera and the Haynes Frontera manual has quite extensive information on repairing and checking this engine.

I have a 2.3l petrol CF. What petrol should I use?

The 2.3l has soft valve seats so using unleaded AND lead replacement petrol (LRP) WILL damage the valve seats. Unfortunately I'm talking through experience here.
You have two options
(1) Have hardened valve seats fitted and use unleaded
(2) Use unleaded and a lead replacement additive, preferably with octane boost
If you use an additive stick to the one make only. The one recomended is Millers VSP. For info on stockists check their website at

Where can I get 4* petrol?
A firm called Bayford Thrust still distribute 4* petrol to a selection of garages throughout the UK. For a list of the garages go to their web site at

What spark plugs do I need for the 2.3L engine?

The type of plugs you require are,
AC R42-5TS or AC 42TS
Gap should be 0.030inch [0.75mm ]
you will be able find a match with Champion or N.G.K.
Plugs are also available from your local Vauxhall dealer, Part number 91143776. 4 plugs cost about 9.

VIN/chassis no, engine number

The Plate with the chassis No should be on the passenger door pillar.
The first two blocks of digits identify the body type, production year, the plant where it was manufactured and the chassis No.
There should also be another plate under the bonnet, on the bulkhead on the drivers side.
The engine No is stamped on the right hand side of the engine block at the rear.

Where can I get spares for my CF?

Have a look on my 'Where to get CF spares' section. Click HERE

I'm having trouble getting insurance. Anyone got any suggestions?

The following have been recommended by users of this site.
PLEASE NOTE : I have NO connection with any of the companies listed!

Adrian Flux Insurance Group,East Winch Hall,East Winch,KINGS LYNN,PE32 1HN Tel: 08700 772233 (15% discount for members of this site)
Sureterm Direct - Motorhome Specialist insurers. Tel: 0845 20 20 230 (15% Discount for members)
Campton Insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd, 126 High Street, Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8DX Tel 01883 742460
Richardson Hosken (specialist car division tel. 01277 206912)
Motor Caravan Ins. Agency, 34 New St. St.Neots, Cambs. 01480 218273

How do I fit a second battery?

That depends on how good you are at wiring. There are two ways of doing it, one is far better than the other.
Method 1.
Just connect a second battery in parallel to your existing battery (positive to positive, negative to negative). Both batteries MUST be located close to each other and MUST be connected with VERY heavy duty cable, minimum capacity of 30A
This is by far the easiest method BUT remember, both batteries must be of a similar amp/hour rating otherwise you will have charging/discharging problems and when you are running your 12V equipment you are still draining the battery that starts your engine

Method 2.
This is by far the better method but it involves quite a bit more work.
First, all the 12V electrics for the camper side of the 'van must be removed from the CF fusebox and taken to a seperate fuse box. A second battery is then installed and is used to feed the new fuse box. A split charge relay needs to be fitted to charge the second relay when the CF is driven. See the section below for info. Wiring using this method means that even if you run the leisure battery flat the engine battery will still be charged :-)

How do I charge the camper battery when the engine is running?

If your battery is just wired in parallel to your engine battery then it gets charged as you drive and nothing further is needed.
If your battery is wired as in method 2 above (by far the better method) then you need a split charge relay available from most caravan accesory shops for around 10 quid. Basically it connects the camper battery to the alternator only when the engine is running.
You can do the job using 2 standard automotive relays wired as follows:-
NOTE - If your two batteries are wired in parallel (direct positive to positive, negative to negative) then adding a split charge relay would be a complete waste of time.

How it works:-
When the ignition is turned on the oil pressure light come on. A feed from this turns on relay 2 which will cut the feed to relay 1. When the engine starts the oil pressure light goes out turning off relay 2. This then energises relay 1 which in turn connects the leisure battery to the charge system.

The cable from the original battery MUST be rated at a minimum of 30A and fused at 30A

NOTE: You should never connect the camper battery direct to the engine battery. If the charge of the camper battery is higher than the engine battery when you start the engine the camper battery will try to supply the full current to start the engine. If the camper battery is not connected with high current capacity wires the wires WILL overheat and could set fire to your camper!

My CF has sealed beam headlights. Can I replace them with normal headlights?

Yes. Just go to your local motor factors or scrap yard and get a pair of Mini headlights and put them in.

My CF has a plastic grille, full width bumpers and a 2.3l petrol engine. Is it a CF or a CF2?

If it's got a 2.3l engine it's a 'facelift' CF and NOT a CF2. Visually they are almost identical. The 'facelift' CF was introduced in Dec 1980. The CF2 was introduced in July 1984 and had a 2.0l (1979cc) petrol engine or 2260cc diesel

Can I fit electronic ignition to my CF

Yes. There are a few different makes available. The best is reported to bt the Luminition range. This can be bought from good motor factors or from Peter Lloyd Rallying. Expect to pay around 115

I've got a 4 speed manual gearbox. Can I fit a 5 speed?

If it's from the same type of engine then it shouldn't be a major problem BUT you won't gain anything by doing it. The 5 speed has the same ratio in 5th as the 4 speed in 4th. The only ways to reduce engine revs are to either change the diff ratio or fit an overdrive unit

Will the 5 speed 'box from the CF2 fit the 2.3l engine?

Nice simple answer, no!

Can I fit power steering to my CF?

One of our members has done this using Ford parts. Click on this LINK for details

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