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A belated hello from Stan the van

Hello folks
I haven't posted any pics up before as to be honest the van didn't look a great deal different before. When I got it it was very sound and just needed some loving care to tidy it up.
It's been resprayed all over the outside (rattle can job)as some numpty had hand painted the bottom 12" and bonnet in black primer. Parry's did an excellent job of matching the paint.
Roof roller painted with Rustoleum. Same paint on the wheels & the hub caps have florist's oasis spray on them.
Almost everything mechanical has been stripped and checked.
Top end rebuilt and new timing belt for peace of mind.
Aldon ignition module fitted.
Interior - new headlining to cab and above windows. Woodwork stripped and stained. Steering wheel redone. Door cards recovered and altered.
Cushions have had new vinyl inlet to replace dodgy original bits.
Cooker put in. Sink plumbed up. Led lights installed.
Curtain rails made up for cab and curtains made the missus (Sue :-) )
Nice little step on the towbar & various other minor bits and pieces.
I spent a lot of time putting in soundproofing, underlay and carpet within the cab. This has made a hell of a difference to the sound levels. There's a triple layer of soundproofing under the engine cover.
Next job is to fit the new drums I have for the front & put some entertainment in the cab.
These pics were taken on the campsite at Gordale Scar in yorkshire. Stan got a lot more attention than the scabby VW that cooking bloke had. In fact it's amazing how many people have said they used to go on holiday as a child in one just like it. Shame they're not still running.

This is one of the pics when I got the van.


Wed 08 Jun 2011 @ 18:05
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