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Derrick Doran
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How come there's not many meets over the past few years.


Tue 16 Aug 2016 @ 10:25 View Derrick Doran   Email Derrick Doran   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
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Hi Derrick,as I understand it meets are set up by members then advertised on the net.Or you can see whose up for a meet and when then sort the site.Cheers+Beers Jim.

j evans

Thu 18 Aug 2016 @ 19:54 View jimfixit   Email jimfixit   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
Robert Bedford
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Hello Gents,

I've been missing a few years (probably 10) and it does seem to me that the old momentum has waned a little... I hope I'm wrong.
Thu 29 Jun 2017 @ 17:28 View Robert Bedford   Email Robert Bedford   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
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Why not set a meeting up for the new year
Wed 29 Nov 2017 @ 22:16 View Martin1987   Email Martin1987   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
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There are already plenty of meets (camping weekends) out there unless you are talking about just literally meeting in a pub or so.
We take our motorhome to car shows and rallies and are members of the Classic Camper Club. Their National Rally is 27th -29th July in Bridgnorth/Shropshire. There are always plenty of CF's and they are also open to non club members if they want to join the fun.
Than there's the Sywell wings and Wheels.
We're also going to the Classic Le Mans 24hours with our CF1, there's a mates CF facelift Autosleeper and another guy with a CF facelift high top camper going.
If you want Bedford company only, there's always the VBOA annual meet.
Cheers Frank
Wed 06 Dec 2017 @ 19:16 View XSFrank   Email XSFrank   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
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