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What's a FAQ?
It's the "frequently asked questions." This is a list of annoying questions everyone is tired of being helpful with, dealing with simple things like smilies and bb code, and info about posting and the board's functions. If you're confused, just read through this and some things should be cleared up, hopefully. :)

Why do I keep being asked for my name and password?
Simple, you haven't logged in so the message board doesn't know who you are. All you need to do is click on [Log-in] at the top right of the screen and enter your user name and password. If you haven't got a user name and password just click on [Register] and follow the prompts

Can I use HTML?
Nope. HTML tags can include JavaScript and stuff which can do not nice things. There is a simple code to replace HTML. Find it here. This provides some of the functions of HTML, like links, some text formatting and images.

Can I add pictures to my post?
Yes and no. You can't directly post an immage with your message, all you can do is add a link to an image which will then appear in your message. For example, if you wanted to add an image located at add [IMG][/IMG] to your message

Can I add coloured text to my post?
Yes. There are 4 pre-defined colours (red, green, blue & yellow). To do it simply use:- [RED]this would be red[/RED] to your message. Substitute [BLUE][GREEN] or [YELLOW] depending on what colour you want
You can also define your own colours by using [COLOR=#xxxxxx]coloured text[/COLOR] where #xxxxxx is the colour code you want to use.
For more information on BBCode CLICK HERE.

Can I add links to my post?
To add an email link use [EMAIL][/EMAIL]
For a web site link use [URL][/URL]

Are cookies used on this board?
Yes, cookies remember when you last visited so new forums, threads and posts will appear with a cool "new post" icon beside them if posts are made since you last visited. :) If you register, your username and password will also be stored in cookies.

Do I have to register?
No. You can post without registering, by leaving the username and password fields blank. Your posts will be shown as 'Anonymous' You can register if you like though.

Can I edit my posts?
Yes. Below your post you will see a little symbol with 'Edit/delete' next to it. Just click on this and you can edit or delete your message. NOTE - You CAN NOT edit or delete other peoples posts.

Can I search?
Yes, just click on the inventively labelled "search" button at the top of every page in the board. Searching is straightforward: enter a keyword, and it will search for occurences of it in messages or headings.

What are the icon things?
They're just random things. You don't need to enter one. You can enter a smiley or an icon to represent the message of your post in graphic form. ;) They're pretty pointless, but good all the same. :p

What fields do I need to fill out when I'm making a post?
If you want to post anonymously then you only need to enter the 'Subject'
If you want your name to be displayed then you must enter your name & password

What are/how do I use smilies?
Smilies are internet-based facial expressions. :p They convert something like :) into something like . There is a table explaining how to use all the smilies here. Just type the "how to do it" thingy into your message, and the board will convert it to a graphic smiley.

I've forgotten my log-in password. What do I do?
Simple. Just click here and your password will be emailed to you.

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